Panel Upgrades In Lowell, Massachusetts,

Panel Upgrades In Lowell, Massachusetts,

Your home’s electrical system revolves around the electrical control panel, or breaker box, located within your home. The electrical system connected to your home connects it to the power lines supplied by the utility company. Keeping your panel updated and maintained is one of Lowell Electrical Services’ specialties.

Upgrade Electrical Panel – When And Why

Circuits in your home are controlled by your electrical panel. The total amp limit on your panel must not exceed your total electrical usage. Many homes with multiple electric devices might be in need of an upgrade of their electrical panel, even if they have hi enough amperage on their panels. At Lowell Electrical Services we can help you figure out how many electrical amps you use and recommend the best options

Do not fall victim to the leading cause of residential house fires caused by faulty electrical systems. Following are some signs that it’s time to upgrade:

  • Circuit-breakers trip often.
  • Sparking and/or popping when plugging into outlets. Loose wiring can cause this.
  • Rust on the electrical panel or meter. A reason might be water leaks.
  • Plugs that no longer have a tight fit. This could be a sign of worn contacts which are a serious fire hazard.
  • Switches that don’t work well, with lights going on, off, then on again. This is another sign that contacts are beginning to fail.
  • Outlets that are giving off any heat.
  • Lots of extension cord usage. Too many extension cords can overload your circuit.

Upgrade at an Affordable Price

Installing a new electrical system can take a significant amount of money, so the price can be a concern for the average homeowner, but Lowell Electrical Services is committed to offering excellent work at affordable prices. Installing a new panel should not be considered a DIY job. Lowell Electrical Services can help you address any concerns or questions you may have.

  • Electrical panel upgrades cost.
  • Other electrical service upgrades.
  • The difference between a 200 amp panel upgrade and a higher amp upgrade.
  • Which panel upgrade permit do I need?
  • Can I do an electrical panel replacement without a permit?
  • What do I need for my electrical wiring home panel upgrade?
  • How long does it take to perform an electrical service upgrade?

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You can schedule your free service quote with Lowell Electrical Services today in order to learn more about all of our panel upgrade services. In order to assess whether you’re eligible for our panel upgrade services, our electricians will visit your property and provide you with a free call-back. Whenever you have a need, we are here for you. Please contact us to find out about our services and what we can do for you.